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It’s FINALLY happening! I’m so excited to share with you my upcoming Hypermobility 101 Workshop that’s taking place in London next month on Saturday July 27th 🙂


I was going to call this workshop “Everything I Wish People Knew About Hypermobility, hEDS, and HSD” but that seemed like a mouthful. So instead I went with Hypermobility 101: Your Essential Guide for Hypermobility, hEDS, and HSD.
Here’s what you need to know:
  • the workshop is at The Light Centre Monument 36 Saint Mary at Hill, London EC3R 8DU from 12:30-4:45pm
  • tickets are super limited. We’re talking 15 tickets total as the workshop is being hosted in a cozy venue with heaps of character in the heart of central London
  • the Hypermobility 101 workshop will cover everything I wish people knew about hypermobility, hEDS, and HSD in the time that I’ll have with you. You can see the itinerary for the day below.
  • your ticket includes coffee/tea/cake from the most gorgeous little cafe at the venue. Most dietary requirements can be accommodated for as long as I know in advance, so please reach out ASAP if you get a ticket and have a specific dietary requirement!
  • there will be goody bags featuring products from some of my favourite brands
  • there is AIR CONDITIONING!
  • the venue is on the ground floor, there are no stairs, and there is a single-stall accessible bathroom



12:30-1:15pm Coffee/Tea/Cake Social in the Cafe

1:15-2:00 Hypermobility 101 (we’ll go through some basic physiology and anatomy that I consider to be essential for anyone living in a hypermobile body, and I promise it will be fun!)

2:00-2:15 Hypermobility Body Literacy (we’ll go through the Beighton Scale and other orthopaedic assessments that will help to give you and your healthcare providers a better understanding of your hypermobility)
2:15-3:00 Hypermobile Patient Problems (we’ll be focusing on all of the FAQ’s I get asked by both my patients and the broader online community)
3:00-3:15pm BREAK
3:15-4:00pm Building Muscle Isn’t Easy: Strategies for Safely Exercising (we’ll be talking about different strategies when it comes to exercising in a hypermobile body and what to do when it seems like everything injures you)
4:00-4:15pm Recovery Is Key (we’ll focus on quick and actionable recovery strategies, including Positions of True/
Supported Rest)
4:15-4:45 Q+A (feel free to send questions through in advance)


Tickets will go on sale this Thursday June 27th at 12noon BST.
Tickets will go fast so if you’d like one PLEASE be sure to set a reminder in your phone (or sign up to one of the reminders I’ll be posting on social media).
Early Bird Price: £59 (available until Sunday July 7th at 10pm BST)
Standard Price: £79
***HQ Discord Members are eligible to purchase a ticket before they go on sale to the general public through an exclusive pre-sale (if you’re a member who is reading this PLEASE DM me on the Discord to arrange ticket purchase)***
Tickets can be purchased at 12noon on Thursday July 27th by clicking the link HERE
Please note that the workshop will not be visible on the page until 12noon BST tomorrow (27/07/24).


The venue is wheelchair accessible. There is a single-stall accessible bathroom across from the workshop room. The workshop room has air conditioning. Participants will have the option to sit on the floor on yoga mats with bolsters, pillows, blankets, and blo


cks OR to have a chair (of course participants seated in chairs will be asked to sit toward the back of the room so as not to obstruct the view of participants seated on mats). Fidgeting/regularly changing position is encouraged, as is staying hydrated.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me directly here by sending an email to or contact me by filling in the contact form by clicking the image below. Text reads "Still have questions? Get in touch!" in black font on a yellow background. Alex stands in the foreground and the Hypermobility HQ logo is at the bottom left corner.

See you soon!!


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I’m a UK registered osteopath who specialises in working with hypermobile patients who have complex, chronic, and seemingly ‘treatment-resistant’ injuries. My years of professional experience (as well as my lifetime of personal experience of being hypermobile!) have given me a wealth of knowledge that I use to craft bespoke, scientifically-informed, truly patient-centred treatment plans for hypermobile patients whether they’re dealing with 1 injury or 10! I take pride in offering hypermobile patients healthcare support that addresses and works with their uniquely hypermobile bodies.