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Is An Online Appointment Right for My Hypermobility Symptoms?

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Find out if an Online Appointment is right for you!

Online appointments have exploded in popularity since 2020. But is working with a hypermobility specialist online the right option for your current needs and symptoms?

I initially felt embarrassed when I started offering online appointments back in 2020, as they seemed so pointless.

As an osteopath, I’m a manual therapist. Prior to 2020 I had only ever treated patients with my hands. So how on earth could I help patients without even touching them?

4 years later, I can now say proudly that online appointments make up close to half of my clinical workload. I’ve worked with patients who live everywhere from Switzerland to Australia to India, and although the timezone makes it a challenge the results that patients get from working with a musculoskeletal professional who specialises in this field are undeniable.

Let’s take a look at reasons why an Online Appointment might be right for you (as well as reasons why it might not be a good fit!).

4 Reasons Why You Should Book An Online AppointmentWoman sits in front of silver laptop wearing headphones while smiling and waving at the computer screen.

1- Working with a professional who is a leading expert in muscle and joint injuries in patients with HSD and hEDS remotely is better than working with someone who is less knowledgeable in-person. 

Although I will work with patients on actually treating muscle and joint injuries remotely, a lot of my work during online appointments involves assessing previous clinical management of injuries and figuring out why you’re still in pain. Having a comprehensive knowledge of hEDS/HSD and muscle and joint injuries in hypermobile patients helps me to quickly and precisely identify why you haven’t experienced any improvement in your symptoms and what can be done to potentially change that.

2- You’re trying to figure out where to start.

Many patients contact me after seeing their GP and leaving that appointment feeling utterly confused about whether or not they’re hypermobile (and often they also feel judged for even asking the question). When I see patients online who are not diagnosed we frequently go through the Beighton Scale (you can listen to my ENTIRE podcast episode on the Beighton Scale HERE) and discuss the 2017 hEDS Diagnostic Criteria so that the patient leaves their appointment with me knowing my thoughts on whether or not they present with Generalised Joint Hypermobility, and how they can best approach speaking with appropriate medical providers about their concerns regarding hEDS/HSD (and even other connective tissue disorders, such as Marfan’s Syndrome or Loeys-Dietz). 

3- You’re looking for direction in finding other hEDS/HSD knowledgeable healthcare providers.

I love working as a team, and when working with patients online this can range discussing your case withy your local physio to trying to help you figure out next steps based on whichever healthcare system you’re currently navigating.

4- You’re looking specifically for bespoke exercise programming for your uniquely hypermobile body.

The unfortunate reality is that a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t the best way when it comes to building fitness as someone who is hypermobile. My background working with elite sportspeople combined with my clinical expertise with hEDS/HSD patients means that I can help patients develop precise, scientifically-informed exercise programmes that take into account the often unpredictable reality of living in a hypermobile body. If you’d like to read more about my approach to hypermobility and fitness be sure to check out my exercise guide HERE.

5- You have immune system concerns.

Online appointments done from the safety of your own home will always be the safest option for immunocompromised patients, period. Although I try at clinic to accommodate the needs of all of my patients, the reality is that as the environment is less controlled the risk is simply greater. So if you have any immune system concerns an online appointment could be the perfect option for you.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Book An Online Appointment

1- There’s a language barrier.

Although thanks to technology we’re getting to the point where language isn’t the barrier that it used to be, it’s going to be hard for me to provide a beneficial online appointment to someone who can’t speak English (although that being said I have worked with patients who relied on typed messages instead of talking, so I will always try to accommodate needs wherever possible!).

And hopefully one day I can take some time off work and learn another language (Spanish is top of my list!).

2- You’re looking for hands-on treatment.

Although I teach patients (both for in-person and online appointments) what I refer to as Self-Treatment Strategies so that they can positively affect their own muscles and joints, the truth is that Self-Treatment Strategies will never be as effective as in-person treatment. My primary treatment protocol that I use with patients in-clinic is Active Release Technique, and it’s referred to as the gold standard of soft tissue injury treatment for a reason.

I personally use Self-Treatment Strategies (essentially super precise self-massage and joint mobilisations) to manage my own muscle and joint issues, but it’s ultimately not the same as in-person treatment.

3- You want a diagnosis of hEDS or HSD.

As I mentioned above, I am not a medical doctor and therefore cannot diagnose hEDS, HSD, or any other connective tissue disorder. That being said, what I CAN do is discuss your symptoms with you in the context of diagnostic criteria and suggest how you might more effectively communicate your experience and evidence of your hypermobility to your medical doctor.


Just like everything in life, online appointments have pros and cons. If you’d like to contact me to discuss whether an online appointment might be the right fit for you be sure to fill out my contact form with a bit about you and your case, and I’ll get back to you ASAP. And if you don’t see a time in my online appointment diary that works for you and your timezone please contact me directly as we can try to find a solution.

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