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While this guide isn't clinically validated, it reflects my professional expertise as a UK registered osteopath specialising in patients with HSD and hEDS. Although I've made every effort to clarify my clinical rationale and included references where possible, it's crucial to acknowledge the limited research on cardiovascular exercise and HSD/hEDS.

However, if you've received the green light from your healthcare provider to exercise safely and are seeking a confident start, then "Steady" might be the perfect choice!

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Strength Training Guide

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Hypermobility HQ is a private membership community that gives the scientifically-minded hypermobile person a non-judgemental place to share thoughts, strategies, and experiences on navigating life in a hypermobile body.

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Are you tired of one-size-fits-all exercise routines that don't cater to your uniquely hypermobile body? It's time for a fresh approach!

Here's what sets STEADY apart:
STEADY guides you in learning everything from how to begin monitoring your heart-rate when exercising to using that information to inform your workouts. Intentionally designed so that you can adapt it to your uniquely hypermobile body.

88 Pages of Insight: Dive into a comprehensive 88-page guide where I explain every aspect of this program in an informative and engaging way, ensuring you understand the reasoning behind it. As I like to say, the "why" is just as important as the "what!"

STEADY: An Exercise Strategy for Hypermobile Humans




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Medical Disclaimer

So I have had a good read through Steady and I am loving it! It is super comprehensive and really made me stop and think about my exercise history, present and future! Now I feel more equipped to exercise safely for me and my normal! An excellent guide!!

"Now I feel more equipped to exercise safely for me and MY normal! An excellent guide!!"



Whether it be divine intervention or the luckiest roll of the die I could have possibly rolled, or just the tik tok algorithm being just that good, the timing of the growth of your community could not have been better for me. I cannot wait to see how it grows and evolves. You have profoundly impacted me and you have given me hope for a life that is happy, healthy, and connected. "Thank you" feels like it just falls flat, but for lack of something better, thank you!

"I will take the opportunity to say that this community has made such a huge impact on my life. I cannot state enough how grateful I am to have come across your content."



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