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Hypermobility 101 Workshop Announcement

EXCITING LONDON WORKSHOP NEWS! It’s FINALLY happening! I’m so excited to share with you my upcoming Hypermobility 101 Workshop that’s taking place in London next month on Saturday July 27th 🙂 HYPERMOBILITY 101 WORKSHOP I was going to call this workshop “Everything I Wish People Knew About Hypermobility, hEDS, and HSD” but that seemed like a mouthful. […]

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Posture and Body Positioning

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Posture and Body Positioning

Pregnancy and Hypermobility: What You Need to Know


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Are hypermobility-related words confusing you? Can’t tell your HSD from hEDS? Well, you’re not alone! One of the most common questions I get from my patients is “What is hypermobility?” even after receiving a diagnosis of HSD/hEDS. Although this confusion is certainly nothing for the patient to feel bad about, what I find concerning when […]

What is Hypermobility? Hypermobility vs HSD vs hEDS


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