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If you were to ask me a few years ago if posting about hypermobility would ever turn into THIS (Podcast, Online Community, TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, Digital Downloads, and my entire clinical practice) I would never have believed you.

But, here we are!


Alex Orfanides Hypermobility Specialist Osteopath Holds a Kettlebell Overhead

The Home For Hypermobile People Online

Growth is hard, and the last few years have been challenging to say the least. But we’re FINALLY here, and we’re in a new gorgeous little online “home” that feels big enough, comfy enough, and awesome enough for what we need to do.

Which is to make the world (at least a tiny bit) better for hypermobile people❣️

To be clear (as of right now) Hypermobility HQ is just little ol’ me. It’s my business, my dream, my vision, and. . .



To make the world a better place for hypermobile people through. . .

  • working with my patients (both online and in-person)
  • talking about hEDS/HSD and the issues that the broader hypermobile community face on social media, podcasts (including my very own Help! I’m Hypermobile podcast), and other platforms so that every hypermobile person out there knows that they are not alone in this
  • educating the broader community and raising awareness in both the general public as well as healthcare providers


How I’m Doing This in 2024

  • Lecturing and Guest Speaking Engagements (you’ll be hearing me soon on the Hypermobility Happy Hour Podcast)
  • Continuing my In-Person Clinic in London on Mondays and Fridays (and Online Clinic on Thursdays)
  • Running the (fabulous!) HQ Discord Community
  • Researching and Recording for the Help! I’m Hypermobile Podcast and
  • Producing resources of varying kinds, including cost-accessible Digital Downloads (if you haven’t already got my first Exercise Guide you can get your copy HERE)


And finally. . .

Thank you for being here. If I ever get a magic genie or fairy godmother to come my way I promise I’ll use one of my wishes for all of us to have better connective tissue. But for now, I’m so happy you’re here on this journey with me and I hope I can continue to be part of making the world a better place for hypermobile people.

All my love,


Get my FREE Hypermobility Travel Guide

Whether it’s travelling to a healthcare appointment or maybe even somewhere more exotic, check out my FREE Hypermobility Travel Guide for tips + tricks on travelling in a hypermobile body.

I’m Alex, your Hypermobility Specialist Osteopath

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hey there!

I’m a UK registered osteopath who specialises in working with hypermobile patients who have complex, chronic, and seemingly ‘treatment-resistant’ injuries. My years of professional experience (as well as my lifetime of personal experience of being hypermobile!) have given me a wealth of knowledge that I use to craft bespoke, scientifically-informed, truly patient-centred treatment plans for hypermobile patients whether they’re dealing with 1 injury or 10! I take pride in offering hypermobile patients healthcare support that addresses and works with their uniquely hypermobile bodies.