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Real Reviews from Patients with Complex, Chronic, and Hypermobility-Related Injuries

I’m so grateful to every patient who has taken the time to share their experience with me. By sending in a review patients help me to understand what they found particularly helpful about their treatment so that I can do even better in future. Thank you to each and every one of my patients who have made me not only a better clinician, but a better person.

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Becci Worked with Me Remotely on her Hypermobility-Related Injuries

1. “Working with Alex has changed my life. She has a personal understanding of hypermobility and could understand very quickly what I needed and how to best treat me.I was skeptical that seeing her remotely would work, but through video calls she taught me to effectively treat injuries and strains and how to strengthen joints and muscles in the right way. Within 3 months I became pain free for the first time in years, and Alex has since taught me how to prevent injuries.

I would 100% recommend Alex, wherever you are in the world!” – Becci Linscott

Leanne Got Lasting Results from her HSD-related Injuries And Spends Less Time Having Appointments and More Time Living Her Life

2.  “Alex truly goes above and beyond for her patients. I was diagnosed with HSD and was in a lot of pain and so overwhelmed with all the conflicting information from medical professionals. She is so professional and understanding. It’s like the penny finally dropped working with Alex. She has helped me pull together all the moving puzzle pieces of my life and how they are all interconnected. Alex has empowered me and has educated me throughout my appointments so I do not constantly need to go back and see her in the clinic. She provides me with tools for my toolbox so I can treat myself if I am having a flare. So grateful for you Alex – thank you!” –Leanne Reardon

Sierra Recovered from a Post-Fracture Injury and Is Back To Running Without Pain

3. “I spent months not able to walk properly after breaking a bone in my foot and it healing wrong. Alex spent an hour doing a full assessment and considering my health overall and was able to give me a treatment plan that was sustainable and actually worked. Now I’m able to run again!! She really is so knowledgeable and fantastic at her job, cannot recommend her enough” – Sierra Schaffer

Alice Has Started to Exercise With Confidence

4. “I was diagnosed with hypermobility last year and have several issues that cause me pain on a daily basis (neck, jaw, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles). Alex has been treating me remotely for the last few months, and I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience as a patient. If you are looking for a healthcare provider who CAN help you and will create a detailed plan but also show care, kindness, patience, and support, then look no further. I felt so depressed before Christmas and no longer felt I could trust my body after several bad experiences with Rheumatologists, Physios and Chiropractors. I got to a point where none of the exercises worked for my body, and I felt worse each day. With Alex’s help, I have been able to return to the gym, and start moving my body safely. She has supported me every step of the way and always makes time to check in and answer any questions I have. I fully trust her approach to help with my chronic injuries, and I’m so grateful to have found her.” – Alice Watson

Sonia Feels Empowered After Remote Appointments for Her Plantar Fasciitis

5. “I’ve been working with Alex for several months now remotely via video appointments only and she has helped me so much!! I have acute plantar’s fasciitis in both my feet, which took a long time to be diagnosed, and so I had already seen many useless foot specialists and physiotherapists. The last physiotherapist I saw before Alex actually harmed my feet further, so I was quite desperate by the time I had my first appointment with Alex. My first appointment with her was incredible. She reassured me that my condition is treatable and broke down the different recovery phases for me. Alex believes in empowering her clients by educating them about their condition and helping them understand their bodies better. She really knows her stuff and is amazing at explaining things in a way that’s easy to understand. She’s incredibly professional and thorough. During our first appointment we went through my entire medical history and she had me do different tests to be able to give me appropriate exercises for my feet. My feet drastically improved just after my first appointment with Alex because I finally understood my injury and adapted my lifestyle accordingly. She gave me exercises to get rid of the pain and to start healing the rips I had in both plantar fascia ligaments, before starting strengthening exercises. She provides ongoing support, which is incredibly helpful, and I honestly don’t know where I would be right now if it weren’t for Alex. I’m so grateful to have been able to connect with her virtually! I could go on about how much of a lifesaver she’s been. I highly recommend seeking help from Alex for any sports injuries. I can’t thank you enough, Alex!!” – Sonia Pavez

Thaisa Is Back to Living a “Normal Life”

6. “After not receiving the right care with my GP, a friend of mine recommended Alex. I have now been seeing her for over 6 months for pain associated with my hypermobility. With Alex’s help and support I am now in a much better place where I can live a normal life with minimal pain. I could hardly get out of bed earlier this year and now I am back doing my walks and low impact workouts. Alex has taught me a lot in how to take care of myself at home and about symptomatic hypermobility and this has had a huge positive impact in my life. She is always happy to answer questions and it’s clear how passionate she is about what she does and how much she cares for her clients. I would recommend her to anyone!” – Thaisa Uchoas

Audra Felt Seen with her Rare hEDS Presentation

7. “The particular symptoms of H-EDS that I present with have always been beyond the knowledge of the health care providers I have seen over many years. I first saw Alex on her TikTok channel, and was so impressed with her in-depth knowledge and understanding of how very  individual this disorder is that I HAD to contact her. I’m so glad I did. She took on my case and went above and beyond to understand my particular symptoms, and to help devise treatment options. I consider her my home base when it comes to H-EDS. Thank you so much Alex.” – Audra V

L Feels Better and Isn’t Afraid of Lifting Weights Anymore

8. “I have worked with Alex for about a year now due to my hypermobility. Her treatment has helped so much and enabled me to go about doing my daily activities without being in constant pain. Not only is her treatment effective, her positive personality and encouragement helped me get into the gym and lift weights which was something that I was previously afraid of.

Alex genuinely goes above and beyond for her patients. I recently suffered from a fracture and not only did she consistently check on me, she also spent time after one of my appointments explaining the results of my MRI to me which was so helpful.

Effective treatment and excellent service.

I couldn’t recommend Hypermobility HQ and Alex more highly.”  – L. Cooper

Rosie has “Brilliant New Ways” To Cope With Her hEDS

9. “I have struggled with my health for as long as I can remember. I never knew a pain free day and I had to drag myself to do everything that required movement. I thought this was my life forever. After a rheumatology appointment I had finally been referred to, the specialist put me in touch with Alex, and from then on, my life has changed. Alex is incredible. I have hope for a less painful life and I have brilliant new ways to cope with my hEDS. She cares so much about you as an individual and always tailors her advice for you personally. Her ethos epitomises one size does not fit all. She provides ongoing support via text/emails and is always happy to answer my questions if she can. She explains everything thoroughly and you can ask as many questions as you like. I have had both online and in person appointments with her and I have felt all of them have helped in brilliant ways. The online appointments have enabled me to ask loads of questions about my condition and understand my body more, and the in person appointments have enabled Alex to show me how I can help myself and treat myself. Her main goal is to enable you to take control of helping yourself and it gives you so much power as it is giving you back your control of your body. She has given me back my life, and I will be forever grateful for her help, support and care.” – Rosie Beedham

Myriam Understands Her Body Better and Is Back To Gymnastics

10. “Alex has done a fantastic job over my shoulder. Thanks to her treatment, long standing pain was reduced (and gone now), I regained my shoulder mobility, and have been able to improve my gymnastics skills since! She takes the time to explain everything she is doing, which helps build trust and confidence in the exercises too. Great therapy!” – Myriam Abi-aad

David’s Hypermobile Shoulder Pain is Gone and He’s Back to Doing The Things He Loves

11. “Alex is such a great health care professional and I would be happy to recommend her to anyone. I struggled with shoulder pain and hypermobility for a long time and after many wrong diagnoses she was able to make an informed and well explained diagnosis. The treatment got me back to being able to play sports and doing the things I love. Thanks again Alex!!!” – David Pearson

Paula Recovered from Multiple Chronic Injuries Through In-Person and Remote Appointments

11- “I have worked with Alex at [Hypermobility HQ] for several months. She helped me rehabilitate from a long-standing injury to my right arm and leg. We established my aims – first pain free and functional for everyday life- and worked towards them, monitoring the progress so we knew the treatments were working. Eventually, wonderfully, we even got me back to doing the sports I love. Alex is super professional, up-to-date on new therapeutic techniques, and also very positive. That’s so important as long-term injury rehab is painful and can be dispiriting but with Alex it always felt possible and like I’d get back my functionality and strength. When I had to travel, I also worked with Alex remotely via video link and she helped me with techniques I could perform on my own to relieve pain and keep progressing. Just cannot rate Alex and [Hypermobility HQ] more highly. Excellent!” – Paula Jarzabkowski

William Felt Like He Finally Had a Healthcare Provider In His Corner

12– “Alex has treated me both at home and in the clinic, and she has been a tremendous help during my ongoing treatment. She is amazing to have in your corner and is friendly, knowledgeable and supportive, and answers all of my many questions quickly and helpfully at any time. She gives you her time and I can’t thank her enough for helping me in my recovery. Definitely recommend it!” – William Gubbins

Christine’s Chronic Shoulder Injury is “Completely Cured”

13- “Alex is brilliant.  She has treated me remotely for a shoulder injury that had persisted for months. After a few sessions with her, and with the knowledge she gave me about the injury and its treatment, it is completely cured. This is her strongest skill, both immediately, in the short term and in the long run. Not only does she get you better, but she makes sure you understand what is happening, what the options are and how to move the treatment forward. There’s never any judgment or condescension, just a pure desire to ensure you get better and have the knowledge to avoid getting injured again.  I’m working with her now, again remotely, in treating a herniated disc and once again, her knowledge and her skill in passing that knowledge on is a relief and makes the entire process as effective and clear as possible, which leaves me optimistic and more than that, confident that the issue can be resolved.  I also trust her to tell me if other specialists may be needed and to help me find the resources I might need. In short, Alex is brilliant at what she does, at how she interacts with her clients and as a professional.” – Christine Carter

Sarah Felt Like She Was “In Safe Hands”

14- “Alex is extremely knowledgeable, with an impressive breadth of both practical and anatomical knowledge. Coupled with an infectiously positive attitude, it is hard not to feel safe in her hands. She can not only pinpoint precisely which nerve, muscle or area of tissue is causing pain, but has the physical strength and know-how to actually solve the problem manually. Very talented osteopath (and I have seen a few)!” – Sarah Matthews

Thank you again to EVERYONE who has taken the time to leave a review. I make it a personal policy to always offer to speak with prospective new patients in advance of them booking in, so if you would like to speak with me be sure to click the button below.


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I’m a UK registered osteopath who specialises in working with hypermobile patients who have complex, chronic, and seemingly ‘treatment-resistant’ injuries. My years of professional experience (as well as my lifetime of personal experience of being hypermobile!) have given me a wealth of knowledge that I use to craft bespoke, scientifically-informed, truly patient-centred treatment plans for hypermobile patients whether they’re dealing with 1 injury or 10! I take pride in offering hypermobile patients healthcare support that addresses and works with their uniquely hypermobile bodies.