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Is An Online Appointment Right for My Hypermobility Symptoms?

Find out if an Online Appointment is right for you! Online appointments have exploded in popularity since 2020. But is working with a hypermobility specialist online the right option for your current needs and symptoms? I initially felt embarrassed when I started offering online appointments back in 2020, as they seemed so pointless. As an […]

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What You Need to Know About Posture If You’re Hypermobile

Posture and Body Positioning

Episode 14 Posture and Hypermobility: Why What You Think You Know About Posture is Probably Wrong

Posture and Body Positioning

Pregnancy and Hypermobility: What You Need to Know


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Got a question? Well, I’ve got answers. Whether you’re looking for exercise strategies, nutrition hacks, my favourite products, or a deeper understanding of what it’s really like to be hypermobile, you’re at the right place.

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Hypermobility Made Human

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My Checklist of Things I Wish Every Hypermobile Person Knew About Pregnancy Hypermobile connective tissue has wide-ranging and profound effects on everything for affected individuals, including their experience of pregnancy. In this episode of the Help! I’m Hypermobile podcast I shared my perspective as a Hypermobility Specialist Osteopath on a few things that I wish […]

Pregnancy and Hypermobility: What You Need to Know


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